Jul 19

Coeurs denudés

Coeurs denudés.jpg

Neither ear each other voices?

dans ce monde caché

entre nuages noires

chargées de mots bannales

en sortant par les fenétres

des coeurs denudés

de toutes les emotions.

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Jul 19

Be only

Be only.jpg

Always asking; "Is it me?"

or is it you, or who else

might we play the game

might we ignore the ignoble

might we dance with the moon

might we cry for our dead bodies

might we fly up to the sky

might we kill every nasty brain

might we kiss the sun

or might we be only.

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Nasty brain

Nasty brain.jpg

Above the bay was the moon
higher we felt the universe
and much higher the infinite
above all the nasty brain.


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Jul 19

Open your wings

Open your wings.jpg

Open your wings

offer yourself to fly

often touch the sky


think the craziest things

don't give up and try

not flying is to die


buy yourself the springs

never question why

all answers will apply


open yourself to winds

keep your mind dry

and wings like a butterfly.

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Jan 19

That was easy

That was easy.jpg

Me, myself and I

Make three of us

Where wild and dark thinking occurs

While we don’t agree to each other

So I fired me and myself

And the sun shined again.

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Jan 19

Sejamos então

Sejamos então.jpg

Ser ou não ser

É possível

Ser e não ser

Ninguém é.

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Jul 18

The sky isn't blue

The sky isnt blue.jpg

The pigs are all different

And some look like you

When your brain is absent

And you think you are the truth


Shame on you little pig

Shame, shame, shame on you

Just because you think you are big

Just because you think the sky isn’t blue.

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Jun 18

After madness

After madness.jpg

When I got mad

my brain went sad

saw a few steps ahead

the happiness wasn't dead.


New brain, new steps, new all

and the process starts again

everything wasn't so critical

the madness wasn't in vain.


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Mai 18

The love grain

The love grain.jpg

Turn off your brain

turn on your heart

make part of the whole

without questioning

cause no matter what

you’re just part of it

the whole is the desert

we are the sands

and you just a grain

but an invisible one

make part of this whole

that needs the invisible grains

just to change this desert

desert of ideas

desert of love

desert of peace

the whole needs you

to make the change

turn off your brain

turn on your heart

be just the love grain.

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Mai 18



Estou cansado de ver

Então a ver continuarei

Estou cansado de olhar

Então a olhar continuarei

Estou cansdo de pensar

Então a pensar continuarei

Estou cansado de cansar

Então sim descansarei.

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