Mai 18
Mai 18

The love grain

The love grain.jpg

Turn off your brain

turn on your heart

make part of the whole

without questioning

cause no matter what

you’re just part of it

the whole is the desert

we are the sands

and you just a grain

but an invisible one

make part of this whole

that needs the invisible grains

just to change this desert

desert of ideas

desert of love

desert of peace

the whole needs you

to make the change

turn off your brain

turn on your heart

be just the love grain.

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Mai 18
Mai 18



Estou cansado de ver

Então a ver continuarei

Estou cansado de olhar

Então a olhar continuarei

Estou cansdo de pensar

Então a pensar continuarei

Estou cansado de cansar

Então sim descansarei.

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